Our mission is to provide the safest alternative to smoking for current smokers, creating a future without harmful smoke, combustion products and tobacco 'aerosols'.
The number of users of tobacco products in the world today is growing very rapidly. These products have significant proven health risks.

However, we understand that many individuals are not ready or able to give up traditional smoking and nicotine addition therefore as a company we would like to increase awareness of the proven benefits of switching to Vaping and offer one of the safest known alternatives to traditional tobacco.

Smoking is not only a physical addiction, but also a psychological one.
Our devices come with or without nicotine. Devices with nicotine are a real substitute for cigarettes. The innovative "cigarette puff" helps to maintain the habitual sensation of smoking, while the nicotine helps to overcome the physical dependence in the first stage. Users can then switch to nicotine-free devices, which also retain all the physical sensations of smoking, essential in overcoming psychological dependence or the so-called 'ritual addiction'.
Company mission:

Responsible use - HQD wants products to be as convenient and easy to use as possible, so we cannot abandon the concept of "disposability". But every HQD device contains lithium-ion batteries and therefore must not be disposed of with household waste (this information is on the pack), we encourage customers to take the devices to a battery collection point where they can be disposed of properly.
Our devices are not tested on animals and no animal products are used in their production!